The Original Pretty Boy

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

manuscript by josh.cooley starts ... um... this week! thought i'd tell you that.

yeah so, i'm starting the calendar and work schedule for finally getting on that long-wanted projected: pretty boy education by josh cooley...

it's in the works, starting...hmm...this week!

not to be a big old nerd or anything, but i'm excited to start writing again...especially this project. i cant' wait! there's so much info and so much i'm trying to do in one book about...well, being pretty...duh!!

i'll keep you posted. i'm filtering alot of entertainment and not looking at much more than maybe (literally) three hours of tv a week and been listening to lots of bbc and npr and reading kids books and cosmetology research reports... (you know, i just proof-read that and i think i need a date or need happy hour or something...i sound nerdy...LOL!) anyway...lots to come...i rock in this subject and need to get it all in writing now before my gingko biloba is needed to remind me how to slip on my designer loafers! (bad joke i know!)

ps: this studio in the pic is not mine, but it's sooooooooo haute couture, so pretty, modern, simple, harajuku-inspired. i just want to buy some comme des garcons and play gwen stefani and bjork records really loud, draw, sing and write on my mac haute!!


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