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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Letting Loose :: Blurbs, bits of rants and excitement that make no sense at all...(just read it!)

there is so much going on in my life as you can's sometimed quite overwhelming and, in the end, it's the beginning of a career...

i haven't felt this happy to start over in a long time...i know, i know, it's like i say that all the time (i do! i know i do!), but this time, i think i might actually mean it. <----that's a horrible joke, i know. oh well, love me or hate me...that is the question; if you love me- thank you, if you hate me ... (fill in the blank, you know the song!)

i have large list of events i'm attending just this month. the cosmetology industry, early childhood field and everyone in between is quite demanding of me. this friday, i'm atteninding an appreciation dinner i was helped plan and was on the committee and i also sat on creative board in charge of public relations. fun fun! on the 20th, we are bringing a speaker from Florida to our local college campus to talk about brain development (exciting stuff, luvs). there's the week of the young child's fun fair on april 28th and then may comes around and i'm in denver cheering on my girl, Gwen Stefani!!! in early june, i finally get a cool, really?

i just said that (oh sorry, typed it). i can't wait.

i was honord on the 30th of march with an award from my facility for involvement in the success of our center here in Pueblo and it was just pure joy! i was very very surprised and very very honoured. it's nice to be wanted and appreciated (for a minute at least!) as if there wasn't alot going on, i've got that portfolio-thing dangling in my head, you know? i there and look at the plans and production and budget and just roll my eyes, but it will get done. my graduation from PSC is schedule for sometime between august to october of this year. that's kind of scary for me, honestly. let's not go there. in the meantime, i need to create some business cards, book a photoshoot and becomes huger than life like i've always wanted...i'm gonna be 23 this year and it hit me the other day...wasn't i just 18 yesterday? anyway, it's been a night of tasks.

i need to get to my loo and clean it out, i've gone colour bottles, magazines and facials all over the place. on top of that, my binders of projects, bills, other-things and work for both jobs is collecting on my desk, oh yeah, and laundry! i just finished a frappe and i'm listening to fischerspooner's "never win". in a minute, it's bbc news and some npr podcasts. (yes, i'm a nerd like that! i watch very little tv, listen to nation public radio, british news and read fashion mags in spanish!)

oh god, did i mention all the prep for "get connected" i have to do? goodnight for now. e-mail me or myspace me if you have you all.

the original pretty boy


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