The Original Pretty Boy

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

a letter from the original pretty boy...

so, akon's singing about how it "don't matter" on my itunes, but i thought i'd fill you in on my life...

you know all the doings, the happenings and the absolutely fabulousness that makes your favourite l.a.m.b. go crazy...

so, there's times like this when i write this little e-note and say every.word.out.loud.

i just get excited at all the things that are (in fact) cemented and happening for real, but let me tell you something.

i'm so tired!

it's about 11:30 and i got a million things to do...after this only 999,999, that's good, right?

read on...e-mail, luv on me...if you're close, squeeze on me...or just holla atcha boy!



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