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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

get connected show 2007... yeah, i'm in the show! thought i'd share that...

oh well!!!

so, i decided to turn in my paperwork and be in the competition at the 7th annual get connected hair, skin and nail show here in colorado on may be held in castle rock. i want to go shopping after the event, so bad...

oh, anyway, let me tell you...

i'm in the men's cutting category, let's see if i win for my sharp-cutting skills, texturing techniques and use of styling projects. if it's goes bad, i won't tell you..

you know, cut myself, bleed all over the model's blonde hair, can't find a band-aid and trip over an extension cord or something running out the door in embarrasment!

i doubt that will happen, remember, i rule...remember?

well, we'll see, it's gonna be fun!

i want to be a platform artist by the time i'm 25, so this will be lots of fun...very very american idol, isn't it?


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